Accelerate the metabolism and lose weight in these 7 easy and natural ways

Boost your metabolism

By Accelerate the metabolism and lose weight in these 7 easy and natural ways means of small and medium changes of habit you can accelerate the metabolism and promote the loss of weight. Avoid stress, sleep well or green tea are just some of them.

Boost Metabolism-Look what they are all:

1. Do not skip breakfast anymore: We have listened to it until the satiety: the breakfast is the most important food of the day. But, not satisfied with that, there are still many people who skip it, either to sleep another hour or because, not being accustomed, it makes them eat badly in the morning or they simply do not feel hungry. Among several of its benefits, breakfast activates our body. If we take it when we get up, the body will begin its activity much sooner than if we wait until lunch.

2. Avoid stress : Stress can slow down your metabolism, as indicated by a US study conducted in 2014 on this subject. As stated in the study, “the 6-hour cumulative difference between a stress factor of the previous day with no stressor translates into 435 kJ, a difference that could add almost 5 kilos a year.” For doctors, “these findings illustrate how stress and depression alter metabolic responses to high-fat foods in ways that promote obesity.” Then, avoid stress. Not only will you save 5 kilos per year, you will also accelerate the metabolism to burn fat in a healthier way and without much effort.

3. Eat frequently: When you go to the nutritionist or to a clinic to lose weight, this is one of the most repeated tips: eat every so often. This makes sense then, by eating every so often, we keep the body active and burning energies (and calories). But, of course, this does not mean that you should have lunch every half hour. A good strategy is to eat healthy fruits or snacks. In this way, your body will not add calories or receive fats and at the same time will expend energy to process the food.

4. Do not focus too much on calories: A common mistake when making a diet is to focus 100% on calories. In this way, we will start skipping breakfast and snacks. Yes, controlling calories is healthy to be aware of what we are eating. But it is not everything. For example, eating 1000 healthy calories is not the same as eating 1000 calories of junk food. The nutrients, the fat, its effect on the body, everything is different. That’s why, do not cut calories! Convert them into healthy calories. Fruit, fiber, protein and especially the balanced diet are the key to losing weight almost without realizing it.

5. Sleep well: Many people ignore the importance of a good sleep routine. However, “laboratory studies have clearly shown that lack of sleep can alter the metabolism of glucose and hormones involved in the regulation of metabolism,” as noted in a study done in 2010 by the Brody School of Medicine in Carolina from North. While more studies are needed to know the details of how sleep affects metabolism, “most large epidemiological studies have suggested that partial deprivation of chronic sleep is associated with an increased risk of obesity and diabetes.” In short, to not slow down metabolism and lose weight more easily, sleep well. You will notice the difference!

6. Meet cinnamon: Cinnamon not only has anti-inflammatory effects and stabilizes blood sugar, it is also one of the best thermogenic foods that exist. Thermogenic foods accelerate the metabolism and burn fat, which is why you will always find cinnamon in the tea designed to lose weight, such as apple water with cinnamon or green tea with cinnamon. See a delicious example: «Water, apple and cinnamon: 3 ingredients to accelerate metabolism and lose weight».

7.Green tea: Such as cinnamon, Green Tea is one of the best natural foods that exist to lose weight. On the one hand, green tea takes care of our digestion thanks to its light laxative action. On the other, it provides antioxidants and polyphenols against inflammation, while its key component, L-theanine, combats anxiety. The best part is that it is a very flexible and consumable food without calories at all times and at all times. If that was not enough, you can add cinnamon and lemon and you know, its effects will be enhanced.

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