Best Engineering College in Punjab

Best engineering college in punjab

Best Engineering College in Punjab Shaheed Udham Singh Group of Institutions which is also called as SUSGOI is offering almost all the educational courses of graduation and post graduation. With their positive approach and consistent performance, they are known as one of the best colleges in Punjab. Admissions are going on and hence if you searching … Read more

National Science Day

Department of applied science at Universal Group of Institutions has celebrated national science day on 28th February 2017. The purpose of its celebration was to make students aware of importance of science in logical thinking. The celebrations are conducted in seminar hall where posters were displayed regarding projects and inventions due to science, followed by speeches … Read more

Freedom Fighters of India

Freedom fighters of India

Freedom Fighters of India Today we are living our lives as a king and as per the constitution of India all Freedom Fighters of India citizens have given rights to live their life as per their convenience. But this condition was not from always. Even imagination of getting ruled seems like the worst thing of … Read more

BEST British schools in Dubai

Best British Schools in Dubai

Are You Looking for best affordable British schools in Dubai According to the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), there are 185 private schools in Dubai with a total of 273,599 students When looking for schools abroad that offer a British curriculum (international GSCEs and A levels), parents are spoilt for choice. There are also thousands of … Read more

Clinics in Dubai- Incredible approach towards medical treatment

Clinics in Dubai

Best Clinics in Dubai, Sharjah has always ranked among the top medical treatment destinations. Dubai has many private clinics that serve their patients really well. You can select from the wide range of medical facilities they provide. In case you health insurance you can avail the many facilities provided by these clinics. Best Clinics in Dubai, Sharjah … Read more

Accelerate the metabolism and lose weight in these 7 easy and natural ways

Boost your metabolism

By Accelerate the metabolism and lose weight in these 7 easy and natural ways means of small and medium changes of habit you can accelerate the metabolism and promote the loss of weight. Avoid stress, sleep well or green tea are just some of them. Boost Metabolism-Look what they are all: 1. Do not skip … Read more

Top 8 tips of How to control high blood pressure

How to control high blood pressure

How to control High blood pressure is something that affects almost all of us. It is also known as hypertension. Statistics in America alone show that half of the adult population are affected. It is referred to as a silent killer due to the fact that its symptoms are invisible until it had caused a … Read more

Effective 16 tips to Reduce Belly fat

Tips to reduce belly fat within 14 days

HOW TO REDUCE BELLY FAT HOW TO REDUCE BELLY FAT or Abdominal fat has become a new goal for the people. Nowadays, it is observed that most of the people are looking for the ways to reduce their belly fat. Now, there is the need to know How To Reduce Belly Fat. Well, our diet … Read more