Best Newspapers for UPSC preparation

Best Newspapers for UPSC preparation

Best Newspapers for UPSC preparation


newpaper for upsc preparation newpaper for upsc preparation

How to prepare for the current affairs segment of the UPSC Exam?”. For aspirants who are in the nascent stage, this is one of the most commonly asked questions.Best Newspapers for UPSC preparation Well, let us conclude with a generalised answer – Newspapers. No one can deny the fact that reading newspapers helps cover the majority of the UPSC preparation.Contrary to the beli each and every newspaper and magazine out there to pass UPSC with a substantial rank, the ex-members of the UPSC board and the toppers suggest only a few newspapers and magazines will do the trick. Let us take a look at these.

  1. The Hindu

Every aspirant agrees they have been advised to read this prestigious newspaper. The Hindu covers an extensive part of the National news.Best Newspapers for UPSC preparation Toppers and coaching institutes recommend aspirants to subscribe to a copy of the Hindu or download their application to gain extensive knowledge on the current affairs of the country. The Editorial Section, specifically, is a must-read to master the subject.

The newspaper serves as an integral source for both UPSC Prelims and Mains Exam.The Business Standard/Economic TimesThough the Hindu covers it all, it is essential to focus on a few other newspapers to enhance your knowledge on various sections. The Economic Times newspaper helps you collect authentic information on the happenings in the economics.Best Newspapers for UPSC preparation The Business Standard is an equally appreciable option to improve language skills and keep yourself updated with the current events in the world of business.

2. Indian Express

The Editorials of Indian Express acts as yet another crucial source to gain an unbiased picture of the current events. Being one of the valuable preparation supplies for the UPSC aspirants, the newspaper has gained mature and dedicated readers for good reasons.

3. British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

Being apprised of International affairs is just as essential as acquiring knowledge of the National events. BBC is not only recognised as good UPSC preparation material but as a great addition to your Essay preparation resources and useful in enhancing your language. BBC comes highly recommended as a must-read for UPSC Mains preparation.4.

4. Press Bureau Of India

The nodal agency of the Indian Government offers information on every aspect of the government initiatives, establishing itself as a significant preparation material. Regularly reading the portion as it provides authenticated reports regarding the initiatives/schemes and a majority of current affairs questions are based on these.

5. Yojana and Kurukshetra

Essay writing preparation can be the hardest due to the absence of fixed resources. These monthly magazines, presenting multiple perspectives on one issue, will give you a clear idea on how to write an engaging, meaningful essay. As the statistics say, 25% of your General Studies Mains preparation can be considered done, if you have a good hold of the analysis present in these magazines.

Tips To Remember

Take a look at these tips to further enhance your preparation.

  1. Newspapers enhance your writing skills and help maintain brevity in your language. Make it a mandatory habit to read the sentences slowly, instead of skimming through them.

  2. Do not refer to multiple sources for covering the same section of the syllabus. For example, if you are reading schemes in the PIB website, it is wise not to keep reading about schemes in other magazines/apps/newspapers. This will only get you confused.

  3. Get a gist of the important news on a daily basis and keep a concise record of it in your notes/journal.

  4. It is not mandatory to buy all the newspapers. You can subscribe to any one of them and cover the rest through their respective apps/websites.

  5. Revise only the relevant portion as reading newspapethese sessions aptly.

Not ussions can also help you attain knowledge what’s happening in the political scenario. Though a lot of resources to cover current affairs is available on the web, it is wise to rely on materials that are suggested by toppers/experts in the field to save your time. Because, in Albert Einstein’s words, “The only source of knowledge is Experience.”

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