BEST British schools in Dubai

Are You Looking for best affordable British schools in Dubai

According to the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), there are 185 private schools in Dubai with a total of 273,599 students

When looking for schools abroad that offer a British curriculum (international GSCEs and A levels), parents are spoilt for choice. There are also thousands of schools accredited by the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) across the world that offer the well-established and reputable IB diploma in English.

When you think about the best British school in Dubai, the very next question comes to your mind ‘Is it affordable?’ The good news is that the answer to your question is a ‘Yes’. Spurred on by rising discussions on heavy school fees and stagnant salaries, here we tried to throw some light on the story of affordable British schools in Dubai . In addition to fewer school fees, the parents must consider the rating of schools awarded by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA). To raise the standards of education, KHDA inspects and releases results on the performance of schools in Dubai.

British schools in Dubai

Top British schools in Dubai

Best British school in Dubai

  1. Kings’ School Nad Al Sheba
  2. Curriculum: British
  3. Founded: 2014
  4. Government Rating: Very Good (KHDA)
  5. Fees: AED 50200 – 63700
  6. Address: Nad Al Sheba 3

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2.  Cranleigh Abu Dhabi School

  • Curriculum: British
  • Founded: 2014
  • Government Rating: Outstanding (ADEK)
  • Fees: AED 65000 – 96333
  • Address: Cranleigh Road, Saadiyat Island

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KHDA Report

Here are some highlights to the latest KHDA report 2019. From 176 schools inspected by KHDA, 28 schools are rated Very Good, 74 schools are rated Good, 52 schools are rated Acceptable. However, 5 have been considered Weak. Some of the outstanding-rated schools have an avg. fee of AED29, 066 to AED73, 932. The term affordable changes from person to person according to their need and capacity of spending money on their child’s future. You can’t compromise the quality of education in the name of affordable British schools in Dubai.

Facts you can’t ignore

There are some factors like outdoor play areas, technical labs, qualified teachers, school infrastructure etc. which might be bothersome but unavoidable. However, parents need to realistic and decide what they and their child need the most from a school and what is in the bottom of their priority list before assessing any affordable British schools in Dubai. As many of the less expensive schools are ‘older’ they have been unable to increase their fees significantly. This means that while you are getting an institution with an established and often respected culture and long alumni, it is also likely to be in older buildings, facilities and equipment, and often located in the older, congested parts of the emirate.

Are you getting value for money ?

The real question is “Are the affordable British schools in Dubai offering the best value for parents?” And again the good news is some of the new schools are offering the best value in attractive packages. In 2016, GEMS Founders School, which is under British curriculum, opened in Dubai with a reported 1,700 children, the highest of any school that has opened in Dubai in the past five years. Its fees range from AED20,900 ($5,688) to AED29,000 per year. This remarkable new trend has seen a huge increase in new schools with an affordable fee structure.

The recent trend of Schools

North London Collegiate School, with fees ranging from AED83,000 for KG1 going to AED130,000 for Grade 12 also opened in September. Last year, GEMS Nations opened with similar fees in 2016 but then merged with Dubai American Academy this year, which has fees of between AED23,000 and AED84,500. More new premium schools like Brighton College and The Dwight School already announced for 2018 openings. Another one, Al Salam Private School, with fees ranging from AED16,000 for FS1 to AED30,000 for Year 13, has delivered exceptional results, year upon year and able to place itself in the list of affordable British schools in Dubai.

Competition in the Education Market

Premium schools also offer discounts and scholarships to attract parents in order to fill places. Instant discounts are becoming more popular and parents are exercising their bargaining power with admissions offices at the premium segment of the market, which will inevitably put pressure on the mid-market segment. Affordable British schools in Dubai are the new competitors of higher priced schools. Now they will have more pressure to deliver academic results. In near future parents in Dubai will have more options for affordable schools and that will enable parents to plan for a longer and secured future in Dubai.

At the End

However, there is a good point to say that some schools are not being efficient when it comes to marketing spend. Schools are still investing in traditional, and costly, advertising channels that simply cannot influence parents, who recognise they have a choice at the top of the admissions funnel. In the digital age, it is a waste of time and money for schools to advertise in places where customers don’t look for help with school choice. Apart from these all we must say Affordable British schools in Dubai are going to be a reality for many parents very soon.

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