electrical engineering

electrical engineering

Electrical engineering is one of the biggest and most demanding engineering disciplines in present world. Electrical engineering deals with the study of electricity, electromagnetism, electronics and its application.  Broadcast and communication systems, electric grids, electric motors, electrical distribution systems, medical devices, power generation systems etc. are the fewer examples. While taking care of safety, maintainability, financial feasibility, quality of these systems and products.

Electrical engineering

What jobs do electrical engineering do?

Electrical engineering is remarkable and it has a great impact on human being.  Its discoveries like electronics device, generator, motors, telephone and wireless communications devices are the few examples. Not just has it been one of the real main impetuses behind forefront innovation in areas , for example, communications  engineering, computer engineering, power engineering and mobile technologies. It has additionally fundamentally affected a few different fields for example biomedical engineering, biotechnology, nanotechnology, neuroscience and so on.

Electrical engineers utilize science, engineering, innovation and scientific thinking, inventive and basic speculation abilities to take care of issues and design, development and maintenance of electrical devices. Control Systems, Digital Computers, Electronics, Instrumentation, Microelectronics, Power Engineering, RF Engineering, Signal Processing are some of the famous electrical engineering disciples where an engineer tries his/her luck.


B.E or B.Tech in electrical engineering courses are offered by engineering colleges and Universities in India. Some institutions also offered 5 years integrated M.Tech program.


Students have to study basic Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computers. Along with the core subject of  for example Control Systems, High Voltage Engineering, Motors, Power Electronics, Power System & Control Techniques, Power System Analysis, Power System Protection & Switchgear, Transformers, Utilization of Electrical Energy etc.


Along with the core industry electrical engineering plays a vital role in different fields, for example Biotechnology, Biomedical Engineering, Nanotechnology and so on. So, there is a great scope for electrical engineers in these fields.

Along with the core companies like Analog Devices Ltd, Broadcom, Cisco systems, Ericsson India Global Services, IBM, Intel, Qualcomm, Schneider electric, DRDO, Samsung, Sony, TATA, HCl etc. provide great opportunities for engineering students

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