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extend your Visitor Visa in Canada

How to Extend Visitor Visa Canada | Western Overseas 

“Extending a visitor visa in Canada is possible under certain circumstances, but it’s essential to understand the eligibility criteria and follow the correct procedure.

Visitor Visa Canada is issued to those who wish to travel and visit Canada for tourism, visit family or friends, attend meetings, go sightseeing, etc. Generally, traveling to Canada is an overwhelming and exciting opportunity for any individual due to the wide range of facilities.Extend Visitor Visa Canada Canada is ranked top among most countries regarding lifestyle, healthcare, job opportunities, low crime rates, etc. Also, Canada is known for beautiful mountain ranges, lakes, sceneries, views, and walks in the country.

Canada outperforms in a better life index, including health, environment, jobs, income, education, and overall life satisfaction. Extend Visitor Visa Canada As the second largest country in the world, visitors will find this place extremely welcoming, friendly, clean, and multicultural. So, if you want to visit Canada for any reason, let’s schedule your appointment with us to start your visa process and extend your visitor visa to Canada for a genuine reason.

extend your Visitor Visa in Canada

Documents Required to Extend Visitor Visa Canada:

  • A valid passport

If you plan to extend your stay in Canada, ensure your passport is valid, has some blank pages, or does not expire for visa extension. 

  • Current visitor record

You must submit a copy of visitor records that defines your current status. A visitor record includes the individual’s passport number, Name, DOB, nationality, and other details. Generally, It establishes a candidate’s status in Canada, like student, visitor, or worker. Extend Visitor Visa Canada This document includes the date of entry into Canada, which helps to check how long a candidate has been in Canada. 

Any special conditions associated with the person’s visa or stay may be listed. If a person can extend their stay in Canada, the visitor record will include details on how to apply for an extension and until what date an extension can be granted. Immigration authorities issue the visitor record in Canada.

  • Visitor Visa Extension Form (IMM 5708)

The application form is available on the IRCC website, and an individual must fill it out and upload it with the latest information and documents.

  • Letter of Explanation

Write the actual and genuine reason why you want to extend your stay in Canada. Be clear about your explanation, motives and plans

  • Proof of Funds

You need to prove that you have sufficient funds to support yourself in Canada with bank statements or letters of support. 

  • Medical proof

Sometimes, undergoing a medical examination will be a must that needs to be assessed.

  • Police clearance certificate

If you are living in Canada for six months or longer, it requires a police clearance certificate.

  • Pay application fee

Check the latest fee information on the IRCC website and pay it after submitting a visitor visa extension. 


Here’s how you can extend your Visitor Visa in Canada:

  • Firstly, a candidate must check the eligibility to extend a visitor visa to Canada as they must have a genuine reason to extend their stay for a long time.
  • Secondly, it is more important than when to apply for a visitor visa extension to Canada. So, you must apply for it 30 days before your current visa expires; otherwise, it will affect your future visa applications for Canada.
  • Then, you must gather essential documents, such as your passport, a visitor record, and a completed Application form to extend your stay or Remain in Canada (IMM 5708 form). Or you can visit Western Overseas or call us for further assistance.

Visitor Visa Record: A visitor record is an official document issued by the Canadian government to individuals legally in Canada as temporary residents. It is not a visa or a travel document but is used to record important information about a person’s legal status and the conditions of their stay in Canada. 

  1. Once you fill out your application fees, you must pay the application fees to extend your visitor visa to Canada. You can refer to the official website of Canada to check the latest application fees
  • One can apply online, or you can take the help of registered and certified immigration consultants to apply for a visitor visa extension. 
  • Wait for a decision: The processing times may vary according to profile, so it’s always advisable to apply before your visa expires. You can check or track the visa status of your application online. In some cases, the immigration authorities request for an interview. Please cooperate and provide the requested documents as directed. Once your application is processed, you will receive a decision regarding your visa extension.

Overall, Visitor Visa Canada is a document that allows you to visit or travel temporarily in the country to meet family or friends, attend business meetings, tourism purposes etc.  So, if you are planning to extend your visitor visa Canada, visit or call Western Overseas to assist you with best visa and immigration services. If you have a genuine visitor record and a valid reason to extend, then you can definitely extend the visitor visa. For more details, Book your counseling today!

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