Best Work Opportunity in Canada through LMIA – Processing Time

Processing Times for LMIA Applications Updated

Overview – LMIA Processing Time is a Labour Market Impact Assessment required to hire employees from a foreign country in Canada. Recruitment companies first need to obtain a positive LMIA from the government to proceed with further recruitment. It is the best immigration pathway for immigrants interested in work opportunities to move to Canada. The purpose of LMIA is to justify the need for employment from other countries and whether it will impact the country’s economy. Accordingly, a positive or a negative LMIA is issued to the hiring company. Only the job sectors under the LMIA framework need this document to send job offers to foreign workers.

LMIA Processing Time – Step By Step Analysis 

  1. Check your eligibility to apply for LMIA
  2. Adhere to LMIA conditions for advertising and salary
  3. Apply online to submit the LMIA application
  4. Wait while Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) takes its appropriate actions to evaluate the application
  5. If required, attend your interview with the corresponding authority
  6. Everything goes well; receive your confirmation letter

lmia processing time

Once the employers get a positive LMIA, only formalities are left at the employee’s end. A confirmation letter and copy of LMIA are sufficient to apply for a work permit in Canada. The complete document when to apply for a Canada work permit is 

  • A Job offer letter
  • An Employment contract – fully signed
  • LMIA Copy
  • LMIA number 

LMIA Eligibility – The following factors make employers eligible to get a positive LMIA such as

  • The shortage of workers can’t be filled with residents staying in Canada.
  • The employer has made all possible efforts, such as advertising and promotional campaigns, to fill the vacant position.
  • All working conditions comply with the Canadian government 
  • Decent salary package to meet the basic needs of employees
  • A hired worker is capable of performing assigned duties
  • The hiring of a foreign worker will not disturb the job availability to Canadians or immigrants

LMIA Processing Time | 2023-2024

The recent LMIA processing time is between 14 days to 2 months. However, many factors affect the overall processing time of LMIA applications, including. 

Job Descriptions – Unclear job descriptions always put LMIA applications on hold. Therefore, provide a complete overview of the job. 

Advertisement – The lack of ads is also one of the main reasons for the delay in LMIA processing time. So, organize a complete campaign to satisfy ESDC for your efforts in hiring locals. 

Supporting documents – Every LMIA application has different documentation. And many employers need to fulfill document requirements. It’s better to go through complete documentation before applying for LMIA. 

Here, we provide the average LMIA processing time per the Job Stream.

Global Talent Stream – 9 business days
Agricultural stream – 11 business days
Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program – 8 business days
Permanent resident stream – 57 business days
In-home caregivers – 20 business days
High-wage stream – 44 business days
Low-wage stream – 49 business days

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