Making travelling a part of life


rejudice, big“Travel is fatal to potry MAKING TRAVEL A PART OF YOUR LIFE, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.”Mark Twain I know! I know I keep on chanting the word ‘travel’ everywhere but hey, that is because it is worth it.

Traveling is necessary.MAKING TRAVEL A PART OF YOUR LIFE Traveling is a change and change is important, which means traveling is important. Like Mark Twain said, it is completely away from all the negative energies. Traveling is an excellent way of living a life. Why do you think people quit their jobs and got into traveling putting their entire careers at stake? Think for yourself.

Confidence and independence MAKING TRAVEL A PART OF YOUR LIFE

Traveling is a fine art as well. Traveling needs our best performance and demands us to be fit and fine. It is said that a good traveler has no fixed plans and by that we all know that wanderlusting is not really a bad thing. I personally love traveling. At the end of the day when I am back to my desk, sitting here and penning down my experiences for all you readers, I see the images of my travel times floating around in the air as if they are arranged in a reel.

I feel it all around me and that moment is completely a fairytale for me. I have totally fallen in love with this process where even my indoor times are filled with these memories of my travel adventures. That is what travel does to you.We all take out some time from our work schedules and plan some trips and tours. Why? To release ourselves from stress, to spend some quality time away from reality and to make memories! Then why not make it a permanent habit to get used to these beautiful feelings? Traveling is and has always been an emotion that just waits to embrace us.

So why not open up and accept this emotion into our lives?                          “Travel far enough, you meet yourself.”    ― David Mitchell, Cloud AtlasYou discover yourself, your choices and your worth once you start traveling. You will know a lot more about your potential and your strengths when you travel. Begin traveling and get the chance of knowing what you are, what you like, where you are more comfortable and how your life can be! The more you travel, the more flexible you become and the more clearer you get with your ideas.

Have you ever noticed that whenever you are low or in need of motivation, a drive or a walk to some place surely helps? That is what travel does to us. It is like a constant therapy ready for us whenever we are in need. So why not make it a part of our life? Living a vagabond life is surely a great idea if you ask me because I would love to not rest and keep knowing more about the nature and myself till my last breath.I wandered everywhere, through cities and countries wide. And everywhere I went, the world was on my side.”Roman PayneSee the positivity? Well that is what traveling is all about.

Being positive! Traveling is never a burden nor an obstacle. Traveling is worth all the costs and sacrifices. One who hasn’t traveled much hasn’t really known much about life and that is what we have to erase. Travel as much as you can for the world is waiting to see you and be seen to your eyes. See the new places with a new sight and an open mind. The world out there is pretty much confortable and soothing.

When we live a life that is meant to be remembered forever, why not include the right ingredients and elements to it? Why not include ‘traveling’ to it?MAKING TRAVEL A PART OF YOUR LIFE         “To travel is to live.”Hans Christian AndersenWell, this has been believed for a very long time now and that is why many people, like I said earlier have left their jobs and have started roaming in the world out there to see as much as they can and to discover as many things as they can. Maybe traveling is not the exact key you want but it definitely the key to unlock your vault of happiness.

MAKING TRAVEL A PART OF YOUR LIFE So think about it and start traveling because there can be no greater happiness than finding out something in reality that once existed only in our dreams. Let me know about your opinions about traveling in the comment section below and do not forget to like and share this piece of my personal thoughts with others if you find it worthy.MAKING TRAVEL A PART OF YOUR LIFE Stay in touch for the next one too. Most importantly, keep looking for some international flight tickets to fly high and touch the clouds while you make plans to travel far away to the lands that only existed in your dreams! Adios! Bon Voyage!


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