Top 5 Healthy diet to lose weight

The healthiest diet to lose weight

Mediterranean diet to lose weight

The Mediterranean diet, also known as the best diet to lose weight in the world, is based on the eating habits of those living in European countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, such as Spain, France, Italy or Greece. This diet to lose weight has become famous over the years because of three reasons: it is delicious, healthy and good for losing weight.

Pillars of the Mediterranean diet to lose weight is Fish. As doctors around the world point out, we should consume fish at least 2 to 3 times a week. Its benefits are explained by its high content of proteins, minerals (such as iron or zinc) and Omega 3 fatty acids. This makes it good against anemia, cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases.

Diet to lose Weight-The Mediterranean Diet

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables to lose weight

Fruits and Vegetables play a very important role in losing weight. Doctors suggest that we should eat 2 or 3 fruits and vegetables daily in our diet to lose weight. Fruits are a rich source of essential fiber and antioxidants. In addition, being low-calorie, they represent an excellent way to kill hunger. The same happens with vegetables, which provide us with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. A good way to take a diet with fruits and vegetables is to consider the colors: try that each of your daily meals has red food, one green, and one orange.

Legumes and seeds

Legumes or seeds are undoubtedly an icon of the Mediterranean diet to lose weight. On the one hand, they provide a lot of fiber; This allows us to feel full and avoid binge eating, in addition to avoiding constipation and fighting intestinal diseases. On the other hand, they have many proteins, vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids.

Do not fear them! Chickpeas and beans can be delicious. Seeds like sesame, hemp, flax, pumpkin or even chia. In addition to having an immense amount of benefits, make your salads much fresher and more delicious.

Olive oil

Olive oil has many healthy elements, such as antioxidants, fatty acids, carotenes, and vitamin E. This makes it an amazing tool against constipation, cholesterol, cellular oxidation, and cardiovascular diseases.

In the Mediterranean diet to lose weight, olive oil can be used. Although in Latin America olive oil is not as accessible as other varieties, its benefits make it worth every penny.


In the Mediterranean diet, spices are perhaps one of the most important factors, but less recognized at the same time. One of the keys to eating a good diet is to consume a lot of liquid and little salt. Liquids are present here through fruits and vegetables, but how do we avoid salt?

To flavor the food, the followers of the Mediterranean diet use many herbs or spices, such as thyme, laurel, oregano, basil, garlic or paprika, among many others. This makes the meals more different, more delicious and healthier.


Oh, the wine! Generally red, a good glass of wine can never be missed in an Italian lunch, right? Of course, you should drink it in moderation, like any drink that contains alcohol. According to happy wine consumers, it has the benefit of taking care of heart disease. However, this has been a historic topic of debate in the medical community. Anyway, if you enjoy drinking wine, a glass at lunch will not hurt you.

Foods to avoid to lose weight

Although the Mediterranean diet does not prohibit us from eating anything, there are certain foods that are best avoided diet to lose weight. Among them, red meat. Okay, if you want to eat beef once in a while, it will not hurt you. But not everyday! The same with other meats like chicken or pork.

It is okay to eat once a week or two, not every day. On the other hand, you should avoid sweets, especially when they have a lot of sugar. Do you have a chocolate craving? Well, it’s okay, eat. Just remember not to eat an Easter egg every day. The same with respect to sugary drinks.

Benefits of the Mediterranean diet

It favors the loss of weight. As it has many foods with few calories and a lot of fiber, it will make us eat less. In addition, many of the condiments used accelerate the metabolism. Strengthens cardiovascular health The foods in this diet control blood pressure, cholesterol and the level of triglycerides.

Prevents diabetes

According to a study on the subject, the Mediterranean diet is ideal for controlling blood sugar levels. Anyway, you should keep in mind certain precautions. By not having red meat, iron levels could be lower than those recommended by doctors, especially if you do not consume enough fish. Therefore, this is one of the staples of this diet.

The same happens with calcium, because the diet does not have many dairy foods. To avoid this, you can add dairy products in a moderate way or go to the doctor to make a consultation. You could prescribe supplements or simply advise you to include more foods with calcium, such as cheese, yogurt, seafood or salmon.


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